Ensuring ATM Compliance and Security


The operation of an ATM involves a financial service transaction. These transactions are regulated by Federal and State banking rules. Our sponsor bank, along with all major processing networks require operator and/or placement agreements to be in place prior to operating the ATM. Eastern ATM, Inc. is committed to ensuring compliance with these regulations. Although cumbersome these rules are in place to protect you against fraud.

Several States have their own registration requirements, Eastern ATM is up to date on the most current ones and can ensure your compliance. Make For any questions you may Contact the Department of Justice at (800) 514-0301

ADA compliance regulations- All deployed ATM's must be compliant with the US Department of Justice's revised ADA regulations. ADA compliance is mandatory and all ATM owners must ensure that ADA requirements are met with all terminals.

For any questions you may Contact the Department of Justice at (800) 514-0301.

EMV - The EMV deadline for ATM compatibility was October 21st, 2016. The Visa shift, and all related networks, was October 21, 2017. At this time all ATM's must be EMV compatible. If you have any concerns of your ATM's EMV compatibility please contact us.