Our Superior ATM Transaction Processing Services


Despite efforts to convert to a cashless society, CASH still remains a major payment method for millions of people!

Recent efforts to move to electronic payments only have not been successful. Many people prefer the convenience and anonymity of CASH. From a merchant standpoint, cash transactions save you money. They don’t require a fee for processing a transaction as credit and debit sales do. This can be a significant savings and will add to your bottom line.

Eastern ATM Inc. offers many different ATM solutions for you to consider.

ATM Purchase and Transaction Processing

Purchase or lease a new ATM. Depending on the ATM configuration you choose you can purchase an ATM for as little as $ 1995 and charge a convenience fee for using the ATM. The average ATM fee is $ 3.00. You can decide what the convenience fee will be for your business. Depending on usage you can pay for the ATM in a relatively short period of time and then you will be MAKING MONEY from the ATM fees! Most people who withdraw money from an ATM will spend part or all of it in your business.

Eastern ATM Equipment and Your Cash

We offer a program that allows you to have an ATM in your business without the cost or hassle of ownership. We place one of our ATM’s in your business. You supply the vault cash and we split the convenience fee. For this option to be viable you must do at least 100 transactions per month and the ATM convenience fee must be at least $ 2.50.

ATM Placement

We do it all! We put in our ATM, our money and we provide the service and support for the ATM. We determine the convenience fee and monitor the ATM to insure it has adequate cash to process. Depending on the ATM transaction volume you may receive part of the convenience fee. This option will drive customers to your business and put cash back into your business at NO COST TO YOU!

In all cases with the operation of any ATM our sponsor bank and the networks require us to perform Due Diligence for our customers. The “Know Your Customer” concept in banking means that we as a business know who we are doing business with. We ask you to complete the required paper we are contractually obligated to obtain. This protects everyone associated with the operation and processing of the ATM. ATM’s are performing financial services transactions and these transactions are regulated by both Federal and State entities.

Eastern ATM Inc. is proud to offer transaction processing through the following processors

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